No Makeup, Still Fabulous-Flaunt Your Natural Beauty With Lash Extensions

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Ditch the mascara and eyeliner. Draw attention to your beautiful eyes with lash extensions instead. Licorice Beauty NY in Brooklyn, NY can give you the results you're looking for.

Want to...

Look naturally beautiful? Try our 1:1 vain lash extensions for $140.
Turn heads when you walk in a room? Try our vixen lash extensions for $170.
Add drama to your everyday look? Try our vavoom or voluptuous lash extensions for $200 or $250.

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What do you think about mink eyelashes?

Looking to add some pizzazz to your lashes? Try out our mink eyelash extensions. They're soft, lightweight and they enhance what you already have. We guarantee you'll look and feel amazing while wearing them.

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$250 and up for 210 minutes

This look is drama in a good way! Great for those who like the fullest To The Max! Lash Strip LookThis process is safe for your lashes using only .03mm. Lash extensions are extremely thin and light weight.

Vavoom VOLUME Lash Extensions

$200 for 150 minutes

This look says "I've arrived!" It combines Volume and 1-on-1 individual lashes to give a beautiful hybrid look. Don't get it twisted this is toned down but still vixenlicious ...


$170 for 120 minutes

One on one lash application filling. Giving a natural fuller everyday look. For the woman who wants to be seen but not heard!
**Please allow extra time for tightly curled lashes**

Vain Natural Set

$140 for 45 minutes

Bottom Lashes

$40 for 45 minutes